Burnett McFadden

Community Advocate

I am the mother of three sons that were murdered six weeks apart.  My three sons are Reginald, Randolph and Linton McFadden. The first son Reginald McFadden was murdered February 8, 2005, seven days after his 18th birthday. Reginald was a comedian he always made us laugh. He was my third child and he had one of the biggest smiles you would ever want to see.  He had so many friends and he was a giving person. He was murdered by a friend of the family. Reggie loved Heath Cliff the Cat.



Randolph was an artist and loved drawing portraits of people. He was very quiet and never got into trouble with law or family. He was such an awesome kid and loved to stay in the house and draw. He loved drawing Spider-Man. Randolph was murdered on March 6, 2005. He was 19 years young when he was murdered by a friend after six weeks of his brother’s death.


Linton was my last child who was murdered and also my oldest son. He was outgoing, funny and lovable. He was murdered six weeks after my previous child loss his life. He took care of his brothers and was a great help to me. He was spoiled by his grandmother and everyone in the family.  Linton loved Winnie the Pooh and was murdered by two strangers on May 13, 2005.


All three of my sons were college students. People asked me how do I get through this. I became an advocate for the community so that my sons’ voices could be heard. I loved my sons with all my heart.  There’s not a day that I do not think of my sons. They were three brothers in life and Three Brothers in death. When someone asked me, “Do you have a soul mate”? My answer is yes…my three sons are my soul mate.


I still have one son still living and his name is  “Khayyan” who I love with all  my heart! Thank you for hearing my 3Sunz Story.


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