Glenn Alan

Business Development

Glenn Alan is best known as the founder of the DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival, one of the largest black festivals celebrating extraordinary stories by people of African descent. This yearly, 10-day - multidisciplinary arts festival is filled with plays, music, film, dance, and groundbreaking performances by Artists from around the world. It’s no wonder that in a few short years Mr. Alan has become very sought after in the entertainment world  -  having produced nearly 400 plays and building an incredible network of  industry professionals. Mr. Alan is also credited with creating one of the largest databases of African American Actors.


Currently, Mr. Alan is the Business Relations Director for a private community-based nonprofit in DC. Where he functions in a number of capacities, all related to his multifaceted skills set – Building Business. He is  involved in the educational and vocational assessment of individuals who suffer barriers to employment.


Everyday he wages war against the forces of urban decay, which crush the spirit and the potential of Washington’s most vulnerable citizens. Having turned his own experience into a life of activism and community organizing, Mr. Alan is a community leader and a role model for the young people with whom he works.




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