Timothy Delontae Dawkins (1988-2013) was a community activist whose primary goal was to uplift the youth of his hometown Washington, DC Timothy served as leader of the Faith Based Program at Job Corps. In that capacity he ministered, mentored, and spoke at various events. Timothy worked diligently in the communities trying to make a difference, especially with the right path in life. One of his many quotes was "We're going to instill the right kind of confidence in our people and take our community back square mile by square mile."


He was educated in the District of Columbia Public Schools. He received a High School Diploma from Ballou Senior High School, STAY Program, which is partnered with Job Corps. Timothy entered into the Apprenticeship program/Integrated Electrical Services and earned an electrician certificate. He attended the University of Columbia, where he majored in Political Science.


Timothy was enrolled in the Spirit of Faith Bible Institute (SOFBI), where he studied to become an ordained minister. After receiving his electrician certificate, Timothy worked at Heller Electric Company and Jim Corridon Electric Company.


Timothy has left a legacy of life and treasure of his memory for his two year old son Ezekiel Uzziah Dawkins aka EZ.


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