Our volunteers are a part of the backbone of Academy of Hope. They teach, help put on events and assist the staff with the school’s daily operations. We are grateful for their commitment and contribution to Academy of Hope each day. The impact that our volunteers have on the lives of individuals and the community is exceptional. You can see it in the students’ accomplishments and the positive outcomes of our programs. Click here to apply to become a volunteer!


There Are Many Ways to Help

Get started volunteering for Academy of Hope today. We are always looking for new teachers and tutors or help with special projects.  Currently we are seeking volunteers for the following positions:


Co-Teacher: Work as teacher-volunteer pair.  Present lessons to class, lead class activities and provide one on one assistance.

Class Assistant: Lead small groups and/or provide one on one assistance as needed.  Teacher and volunteer work closely, communicate regularly about the lesson plan sharing and reviewing.


National External Diploma Program (NEDP) Buddy: Assist learners as they work their way through the NEDP Program.  Help the student to locate the resources they need or identify skills that the student will need to practice before moving on.


Tutor: Be paired with individual learners seeking help in a particular subject (s) area (writing, math, reading, social studies, science).

Academic Coach: Work in small groups with targeted Academic level students who are “stuck” in either math or writing, but are close to passing the GED, by helping to improve their scores.


Other Needs:

     Data Entry Support

     Social Media Support

     Advocacy Support

     Writing Support